What’s your email marketing strategy?

So you’ve got a list of customers who want to receive email from you, and you have an idea of some of the things you’d like to send them, but you’re having trouble pinning down an overall strategy? You may find it beneficial to stop right now and decide upon your Email Value Proposition.

Email Value Proposition (EVP)

What is an EVP? Think about it as your email’s mission statement – Without a clear focus and value proposition, your email won’t hit your recipient’s “internal inbox.” People can manage only a limited number of regular email communications, so you need to give them clear reasons to open your emails every time.

Define your Email Value Proposition (EVP) much like you would a positioning statement and use it to drive your content, creative, frequency and segmentation strategies, as well as list-growth initiatives and future messaging.

You can use these fill-in-the-blank sentences to help build your EVP – just replace the items in [brackets].

First Sentence: Value of the Offering

For… [Target Customer] Who… [Statement of the Need or Opportunity] Our [Name of Email/Newsletter] contains…[Product/Services/Messaging Components] which provides… [Statement of Benefit]

(An example First Sentence: For frequent travelers who don’t have time to find cheap, easy lodging, Stay-n-Rest presents our Weekly Rest Email Newsletter. Every Sunday, subscribers will get an email with five coupons from regional hotels for various offers. This takes the guesswork out of “where should I stay?”, and empowers them to take control of their time and budget.)

Second Sentence: Positioning the Value

Unlike… [Primary Competitive Alternative] our product… [Statement of Primary Differentiator] because of our… [Proof that Benefits can be Delivered]

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