Connect by Email allows you to create campaigns, manage your email lists and monitor the results.


Easily compose custom messages

Image and content editing give you flexible, immediate impact.

We design the template and take care of all the programming. Focus on the message not the technology.

Create your emails with:

  • our easy-to-use editor. Write text. Add photos.
  • personalized greetings to each customer.
  • templates, designed to look great on virtually any email program.

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Secured delivery to customers that want you

Your customers will get the message.

Connect by Email automatically takes care of the dirty work to deliver the messages to your customers. This includes new customers. We also remove email addresses of people who unsubscribe or bounce.

We keep your addresses secure, so you can focus on reaching the customers that want to hear from you.

Connect by Email:

  • Monitors blacklists 24-7 and has permission to send mass emails by major Internet Service Providers.
  • Automatically handles subscriber data updates including new subscribers, unsubscribers and email bounces.
  • Secures your data with multiple layers of protection

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Fast delivery with immediate feedback

Track your message. Monitor your success.

Our dynamic reporting system shows you up-to-the-minute results of your message. With our system, you will instantly know:

  • Who opened your email and when
  • What links they clicked on
  • How many people they forwarded your message to

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