Message Creation

WYSIWYG (whiz-EE-wig)


Stands for: What You See Is What You Get

The Connect by Email system is easy to use because it was developed with the user in mind.

  • Easily insert text, images and links. If you can use Word, you can do this. No coding necessary.
  • Personalize greetings to people on your mailing list with variable data options and custom text fields.
  • Preview your message by sending it to up to five email addresses for free.
  • Spam Testing allows you to find potential red flags before you send the message..
  • Everything is built into the email. No need for attachments.

Designed for Impact


Empower your message with stunning visuals.

Think about every email you get each day. It’s safe to say well over 90% are boring with plain text and poorly attached pictures. Stand out with custom-designed headers, templates and built-in images.
Connect by Email annually takes home awards for design excellence in email marketing. When you combine our design skill with our technological savvy, you get:

  • Templates that work. We test all our templates in the most popular email providers (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Apple Mail, etc.).
  • A view on the internet link at the top of each email serves as a fail-safe option, ensuring your customers can clearly view your message regardless of email provider.
  • Connect by Email design templates automatically create plain-text versions of each email, suitable for even the most archaic of email programs. Your message will be received.

Segmentation and Scheduling


Set it and forget it

Strategically send your email any time of day. Need to reach customers across time zones or overseas? Time your delivery to reach any audience the time they are most likely to read your message. Our built-in tools can help :

  • Schedule the delivery of your campaign for a future time or date
  • Segment your list for A/B split testing to find out what time/day of the week gets the best open-rate
  • Send to multiple lists, or break up your emails with pertinent information for subscribers based on their preferences with custom fields

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