Online Reporting System

Measurable Results


Our password-protected Instant Online Reporting stats help you securely measure and track the results of your email campaign in real time.

  1. See opens and clicks over time
  2. A pie chart representation of Unique Opens, Bounces, and Not Opened gives you an idea of how many of your emails are being viewed at a glance
  3. The most popular links in your email and how many times they were clicked are listed at the bottom of the page

Individual Details


See individual recipient activity such as who’s clicking on which links, who’s forwarding your email to how many people, who unsubscribed and more.

  1. Browse the entire list, or search for a recipient by name or email address
  2. Use the tabs to jump to sections of your list according to who opened your email, who clicked on a link, who unsubscribed and more.
  3. Find out which links a person clicked on

Compare and Learn


Use your stats to compare the effectiveness of your campaigns. Find out what’s working and what isn’t. Analytics help you make smarter marketing decisions.

  1. Compare Opens, Bounces, Clicks and more across several campaigns with an easy-to-read line graph
  2. View averages across all of your campaigns
  3. Export to Excel

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