Subscriber Management

Automatic Management

Managing a subscriber list is tedious. Did you know:

  • 15-25% of email addresses are changed every year (called email churn)
  • According to law – people who ask to be unsubscribed from a list must be removed within 10 days
  • Sending emails to addresses that don’t exist is a waste of money

Connect by Email’s System Automatically:

  • Imports subscription requests
  • Manages unsubscribe requests
  • Removes hard-bounces
  • Allows subscribers to update their information

Our flexible import process and easy export to Excel make it fast and easy to get your data into or out of our system – anytime.

Convenient Options

Personalize. Customize. Capitalize.

Connect by Email gives you the tools to make an impact with your customers:

  • Unlimited subscriber lists and custom fields, to help you segment and tailor each of your mailings.
  • Customize the subscribe and unsubscribe processes with your own text and personalized automatic emails – perfect for subscription incentives
  • Stylized subscription forms
  • Integration with existing online forms makes it easy to gain subscribers while they’re shopping online or filling out an online survey

Compliance, Deliverability and Security

We make sure your message goes to the inbox, not the spam filters:

Connect by Email doesn’t just comply with the law, we take measures above and beyond to ensure the highest deliverability rates for our clients.

To maintain compliance and customer satisfaction, Connect by Email:

  • Has a human approval process for all sign-ups.
  • Ensures that all campaigns comply with all State and Federal email laws, as well as the Can-SPAM Act.
  • Hosts at a fully redundant data center and delivers over multiple IP’s.
  • Adheres to a comprehensive privacy policy and strict permission policy.
  • Stays whitelisted at major ISPs and monitors blacklists constantly.
  • Provides optional Spam Testing for every email campaign.

Support and Customer Service

Our American-based support staff is here to help with:

  • Comprehensive help system available 24-7 within your account
  • Email support
  • Optional services such as an Email Tune-Up Consultation, full writing and editing services and more…