Why Connect by Email?

Through advances in HTML coding and email technology, we are able to send emails that look as stunning as websites or print media. Our graphic artists produce memorable, quality looks without a lot of limitation. Visual messaging means more effective messaging.

Cost effective retention efforts produce the most stable and valuable returns on investment. Compare the value of Connect by Email to direct mail.


With Connect by Email, there are no print costs. Environmental detriment aside, paper gets expensive. Once you throw in high quality print press time, four-color ink jobs, and decent paper quality, you’re looking at a hefty price for something many people discard without more than a glance. More importantly, printing takes time. Connect by Email is immediate.


Postage costs and label printing costs continue to rise. Demographic list buying is expensive. Connect by Email doesn’t rent or sell lists. We monitor and manage the email addresses of your invested customers who have requested to receive your email campaigns.


4” x 6” or 8.5” x 11”. Which would you want?

Most direct mail comes in a 4×6 postcard to save on printing and postage. Any message longer than that requires more space which leads to higher costs.

Emails have virtually unlimited space to get the message across. When printed, most HTML emails are one to two pages long. You decide the size of the message, not your budget.


Mailing lists are expensive and unreliable because people move or change names.

Human error can also be a factor. We’ve all had a letter take what seems like forever to reach us only to find out the coupon expired or the information was outdated.

Junk mail can actually hurt your brand if it’s seen as an annoyance. Connect by Email only uses opt-in (your customer has willingly given his or her email address to you) client lists. This is not spam.


In direct mail, a 3% response is considered a success.

Connect by Email’s HTML email blast system shows your tracking results live, and typical open rates are 20-40%. You know who opened the email, when they did it and what links and pages they visited.

Knowing what matters to your customers gives you an edge.

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